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Bone Grafting in Foothill Ranch

Bone Grafting in Foothill Ranch

Bone grafts are often used in restorative dental work such as in dental implants and bridge work. Oftentimes, when there is not enough bone tissue to support dental implants, bone grafts are used to counteract shrinking of the jawbone that occurs once teeth are not present. After the loss of a tooth or many teeth, patients can begin to experience bone loss from deterioration. Bone grafting can be done in order to counteract this!

Bone Grafts at Sharifi Cosmetic & Family Dentistry:

  • Socket preservation- This bone graft is also known as alveolar ridge preservation graft. This procedure is suggested after a tooth extraction in order to preserve the socket that is missing an extracted tooth.
  • Ridge augmentation- This procedure is done to support a thinning jawbone and prepare a foundation for dental implants. Ridge augmentation adds height, weight, and volume to the jawbone.
  • Sinus lift- In order to prepare dental implants for the back teeth, a sinus lift is done to preserve the space available. The sinus membrane is lifted and bone graft material is placed to promote bone regeneration.
  • Periodontal bone graft- When periodontal disease impacts bone health, teeth can become loose and at risk of falling out. A bone graft may offer support and reduce mobility of the teeth.

Sharifi Cosmetic & Family Dentistry offers all types of bone grafts for all dental health needs. Tooth extraction and bone grafting are complex procedures but don’t have to be stressful! Dr. Sharifi will expertly assess your dental health and if needed suggest the bone graft that is recommended for your dental health situation. Visit Sharifi Cosmetic & Family Dentistry today to evaluate your dental health and learn more about dental bone grafts.

Bone Grafting

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