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Pediatric Dentistry in Foothill Ranch

Pediatric Dentistry in Foothill Ranch

At Sharifi Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we provide care to patients of all ages. Unmaintained oral hygiene at a young age can quickly become a long term issue that persists into adulthood. A great pediatric dentist offers knowledge on caring for baby teeth and adult teeth to lead to lifelong healthy teeth and gums. This is why our dental experts recommend an introduction to our dental office in Foothill Ranch to introduce healthy habits early on! We advise parents to bring their infant for a dental screening by 12 months of age or as soon as the first tooth erupts in the mouth.

Our specialists will use gentle care and communication to foster a good relationship between your child and great oral health! We offer dental exams, restorative dentistry, fillings, and cleanings within our pediatric services.

Why Sharifi Cosmetic & Family Dentistry?

In our Orange County office, our top priority is to provide a safe, kind, and pleasant experience for you and your entire family, regardless of age. Whether your child is ready to see the dentist or anxious about their very first visit, our team is trained to ensure children of all ages have a positive experience with our kind and caring dental care team.

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