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Crown and Bridge in Foothill Ranch

Missing teeth are a common issue among many but there is a wide variety of solutions to get you back to smiling. Crowns and bridges are one of many options. These are common implants which are available in dentistry and offered at our office. This type of implant is used to restore full healthy smiles. If you are looking for a solution to missing teeth of one or more in a row, but have other healthy teeth to the sides of your missing teeth, a crown and bridge may be a good option to fill your smile.

Types of Crown and Bridges:


Traditional- This dental bridge is the most commonly used type of dental bridge which is composed of one dental crown on either side of a missing tooth with a fake tooth in between. The crowns attached to either side of the fake tooth serve to create a bridge to support the fake tooth.


Cantilever- Cantilever dental bridges are anchored to only one crown. This is one less crown than a traditional dental bridge.


Bonded bridge- A bridge which is in the style of a bonded bridge has a similar structure to a traditional bridge however it is anchored in place by an attachment which is placed at the back of the teeth.


Implant supported- This type of bridge is also very similar to a traditional bridge. In this crown and bridge, the fake tooth is supported by dental implants rather than crowns.

We offer all types of crown and bridge options. Meet with our trusted smile team in Orange County to learn more about crown and bridge procedures as well as other options to bring back a full smile.

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